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Day 23 - Start of the Quarters

Return of games and struggle to watch somewhere

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We definitely need a soccer fix - and luckily there are two Quarter Final games today. From here on out, I have a team to pull for in every game, so that is good. We were trying to decide between multiple different places that we could go. We have to find something that is A) open today, B) has good TVs, C) might have supporting fans, and D) has people, but not be overcrowded. There is the fan fest as well - but it might be a bit overcrowded and hot to stay out there for the whole day... And we know it will be unpopular to cheer against the host team (which we haven't done up to this point, but Ivan is from Columbia, so we are really cheering for them, not against the host).

We found a place that advertised a big screen TV and would have been a great place for the USA games, but weren't sure about it for today - but we thought we would give it a try in honor of Phil and the 4th of July (it would have been nice to find it when he was here). We arrive pretty early, and the place is dead.


We only see some small TVs, but we talked to the American owner, Steve, and he says he will setup the big screen TV for us. So we decided to wait and see (not knowing what that meant to "setup it up for us"). This was an adventure in and of itself. Steve has been here 15 years and doesn't read/speak Portuguese. He had to move the TV projector (from outside to upstairs) and after a while, we go up to check it out. The wires are all taped to the ceiling and it is "on" but the picture (menu) is upside down (and in Portuguese). We struggle with him to get the screen right side up, then put the menu into English. But then there is still there is no signal - we continue to help troubleshoot it, check the wiring and connections, etc.

We decide it is too late to go somewhere else and the food looks good, so we go downstairs where the regular TVs are to watch the game.

The food is good and we keep getting updates on the screen. It appears the cable connector is bad (no place is open today to fix it). Luckily Germany eeks out a W and my bracket is still alive. They finally get it fixed somehow as we are about to leave (but it is not that great of a picture anyways).

The place is really dead and we wanted to find some Columbian fans to watch the next game with. There were lots of Argentinians that came in to our hotel area for the game tomorrow. Argentina and Brazil are quite rivals (we didn't really remember that before we came here) - so we figured even if they weren't Columbian fans, they would cheer against Brazil. We head to the Brasilia 21 area - yep - it was all dead, except for the Hookah lounge - which is where we were headed - they have a big screen TV. We were please to see several fans in Columbia garb that greeted us warmly.

It would have been nice to see what would have happened if Columbia's first goal was not incorrectly called back. I guess FIFA really wants Brazil to advance :) - but Columbia did not play very well either. But they were building some momentum towards the end and it should have gone to overtime. As you can imagine, Ivan was disappointed (albeit, it was a good run for them).

I had accidentally left my small backpack and had to back to get it - it had my Germany jersey that I had switched out of between games. I realized how horribly out of shape I am in as I trying jogging a bit. When I got closer, I started to realize that I didn't know any useful Portuguese words or phrases to help me ask for my bag (and my Portuguese pocket dictionary was in my bag as well :)). Luckily, the guy recognized me and my struggle to communicate and pulled the bag out from the back. We had a bite to eat at our hotel that evening and learned of Neymar being really hurt - that is really unfortunate.

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LOVE the blog!! LOVE the pictures!! LOVE the narrative!! Muitos Bezos a Ivan y Diana!!!! What an awesome trip for all of you - thanx for sharing it with us!!!

by Liza

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