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Day 21 - No games? That Changes Everything

Something else besides soccer in Brazil?

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"That Changes Everything" is a line that Ivan has been promoting (churning) the whole trip and so finally it makes it into the blog. We are now down to only 3 as Phil & Kate left late last night. We get a later start this morning before we get going. I decided to cut my hair short now that the USA is out - perhaps the beard is next?

A quick trip through the park to the local markets again to do some souvenir shopping. Not as many places are open and certainly it is not very crowded. In fact, we thought this was a single restaurant before - now we can see it is really a bunch of smaller ones all together.

Something else that comes in bottles from Brazil? These were really cool, but too heavy/big to carry back (but I got a little one)...

We get a few recommendations for the next couple of days without any soccer - and we decide to check out another temple: Templo Da Boa Vontade (the Temple of Goodwill). It is promoted as one of the Seven Wonders of Brasilia and boasts one of the largest pure rock crystal in the world.

We are a bit disappointed when we learn that they really enforce the no shorts rule (most places only cared about short-shorts or mini-skirts). However, we are pleased when they offer us free cover-up pants so we can get it.

We enter through an electric set of memorial pieces. It includes items from royals, ministers, etc. as well as a local football club and a New York City club - an odd mix indeed. But we are pleased to find out that Jesus was a soccer fans as well (I hope that is not too sacrilegious to anyone). We are not really getting what this place is about yet.

We find the gift shop next, and are told that they offer these WC shirts that help the children. The shirt is signed by famous Brazilian footballers - old and new alike. We buy a few of them.

We drink from the Sacred Fountain that has filtered water that has passed under the crystal and is supposed to have healing powers.

Next we stumble into the really interesting Face of Jesus display.

And then to the Mandale and memorial to the founder of the temple.

We decided to skip the Art Gallery (it seemed unready as well), but had trouble finding the actual temple/pyramid/crystal. We back track and realize we have to go through the Art Gallery to get to the others parts. Finally, we arrive at the Noble Hall and start to comprehend this place a bit more. Here the walls are lined with headshot murals of famous promoters of peace and good will from all over the world - for example, MLK jr.

Also here is the entrance to the Egyptian Room - only one photo of the entrance, no pictures allowed. It is a serene place, no shoes allowed; a meditation chamber room adorned with Ancient Egyptian paintings and sculptures. We briefly meditate in the squeaky wooden chairs and start to appreciate their goal of peace, good will and humanitarianism.

When we finally reach the temple (the Nave as they call it), we are greeted by a guide (who spoke English). She explained that the crystal was in the roof at the peak of the pyramid. The granite floor has spiral paths of dark and light stones. One follows the dark path representing mankind's difficult journey in the search for balance. At the center, directly beneath the crystal, illumination occurs. The light path represents the discovery of light and the beginning of a new journey.

At the end of the path, is the Throne and Altar, which is a generic representation of god - as each person's faith or beliefs may be. It is represented by nature's basic elements - fire, air, earth and water with the saying "Every day is the day to renew our destiny."

We are fortunate to be here on such an uncrowded day. And as per form, Ivan is interviewed for his impressions when departing the temple.

And we grab a more detailed picture of the crystal, now that we know where it is.

From here we head to the Park Shopping mall - near the suburbs - it is one of the largest malls in the area. It is massive. We have a quick lunch (albeit it a late one, about 4pm) and head out to find some more gifts. Mostly only locals here, as it seems that few tourists make it out this way. We find a store selling their World Cup stuff at half-price and Ivan literally buys the last one of a style they have (they strip the mannequin for him).

Ivan gets enamored with mannequins then, and has the gall to try to pick one up - right in front of his wife.

Back to our hotel area, some blog updating, and then back out to find a place for a late dinner. We heard about a hotel with a rooftop pool and go to check it out. Turns out they have a rooftop restaurant as well, with spectacular views of the city as well.

A fine ending to a day without soccer in Brazil - a day that changed everything. And I have a confession to make to my wife and everyone reading this blog. I apologize in advance, for my ways and for misleading you... I did not really cut my hair.

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